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Social Media Tools

Discord Tools, Reddit Tools, YouTube Tools

Social Media Tools

Discord Tools


Misuse of chat archivers, deleters, mods & third-party clients is against Discords TOS, so use them at your own risk.

Discord Clients

Client Customization

Discord Bots

Server / Bot Indexes

Reddit Tools

Reddit Downloaders


You can download a reddit video by commenting /u/SaveVideo.

Reddit Alternatives

Subreddit Discovery

Telegram Tools

Telegram Clients

Telegram File Tools

Telegram Bots

YouTube Tools

YouTube Downloaders

YouTube Frontends

YouTube Customization

Twitch Tools

Twitch Players

Twitch Adblockers

Twitch Downloaders

Twitter Tools

Twitter Customization

Facebook Tools

Instagram Tools

Fediverse Tools

Mastodon Tools

Lemmy Tools

4chan Tools

4chan Archives

Blogging Tools