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Artificial Intelligence

Chat Bots, Text Generators, Image Generators, ChatGPT Tools

AI Chatbots ​


Our Discord has an AI bot with Llama, Mistral, and Stable Diffusion. Feel free to join and try it out.

Online Chatbots ​

Self-Hosting Tools ​

Roleplaying Chatbots ​

Coding AIs ​

ChatGPT Tools ​

ChatGPT Prompts ​

AI Indexes ​

Text Generators ​

Text Rephrashing ​

Grammar Check ​

Image Generation ​


Because Stable Diffusion works so well, most innovation in image generation is happening using it as the base model. As such, almost all sections and links are based on SD, unless stated otherwise.

Online Generators ​

Local Frontends ​

SD Guides ​

Image Restoration ​

Audio Generators ​

Text to Speech ​

Voice Change / Clone ​

Machine Learning ​