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Adblocking / Privacy

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Adblocking ​


Don't run multiple general adblockers like ublock and adblock plus at the same time. Running more than one can cause breakage. This only applies to general adblockers, so running things like ublock and sponsorblock at the same time is fine.

Redirect Bypass ​

DNS Adblocking ​


If your goal is to block browser ads, it's best to just stick with uBlock Origin, as additional filters can cause conflicts or antiadblock.

Linux Adblocking ​

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Antivirus ​

Privacy ​

Privacy Indexes ​

Linux Privacy ​

Mac Privacy ​

Android Privacy ​

iOS Privacy ​

Web Privacy ​

Browser Privacy ​

Fingerprinting / Tracking ​

Privacy Extensions ​

Frontends ​

Search Engines ​

Two-Factor Authentication ​

Encode / Decode ​



For torrenting, it's recommended to use a paid rather than free VPN. Free VPNs are only really useful for things like viewing sites blocked by your ISP / country.

VPN Tools ​

Proxy ​

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