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Developer Tools

Git, Hosting, App Dev, Software Dev

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Web Dev Tools

Color Schemes

Frontend Tools

Hosting Tools

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Developer Tools

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App Dev Tools

Game Dev Tools

Cybersecurity Tools

Database Tools

Git Tools

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CLI Tools

  • HTTPie - Command-Line HTTP Client
  • cURL - Transfer Data with URLs / Converter
  • WNIX - UNIX-like Windows Development Environment
  • ripgrep or Sift - grep Alternatives
  • Edbrowse - Command Line Editor / Browser / Mail Client
  • Zoxide - Improved CD Command
  • YQ - Portable YAML Processor
  • Dockerized - Docker Command-Line
  • yoctocolors - Command Line Coloring Package
  • open - Open URLs, Files, Executables in CLI or Scripts
  • Hopa - Zero config CLI for running JavaScript / TypeScript
  • VisiData - Spreadsheet CLI Editor

Programming / Coding

IDEs / Code Editors

Cloud IDEs / Colab

Markup Tools

API Tools

Machine Learning