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Monthly Updates [September]

September 2023 updates. • Sep 1

Wiki Updates

Stars Added

  • Starred SusFlix and The Movie Archive in Streaming Sites. Big libraries, 4K quality.

  • Starred Dhokla in video downloading. Big drive, fast downloads.

  • Starred Awesome Free ChatGPT in AI Chatbots. Huge list of free chatbots.

  • Starred NanaZip in File Archivers. Open-source, modern design, preferred over 7-Zip by some.

  • Starred Deluge in Torrent Clients. Open-source client with many useful plugins.

  • Starred InnerTune in Android Audio. Open-source YouTube Music client.

  • Starred APKPure and UpToDown in Untouched APKs.

  • Starred EverythingMoe and Ripped in Indexes. Solid Piracy Indexes.

  • Starred ReadAllComics in Comics. Big library, no captcha.

  • Starred WatchWrestling24 in Sports Streaming. Good video hosts, quick uploads.

  • Starred Sandboxie Plus in Antivirus. User-friendly software sandbox / Guide.

  • Starred DarkPatternsTipline in Shopping. Deceptive Service Design Tipline.

  • Starred Scoop in Package Managers. Command-line installer for Windows.

  • Starred SA Drive in File Tools. Google Service Account Drive Manager.

  • Starred OpenModelDB in Image Upscaling. Upscaling Model Database.

  • Starred EyeCndy in Video Tools. Camera technique library.

Things Removed

  • We've stopped accepting and started removing all AI tools that require paid API keys to function.

  • Removed FileCR as they've been caught with malware, and still haven't removed it.

  • Removed AnonFiles as they've decided to quit due to people abusing the site.

  • Unstarred WinRar in File Archivers. People feel its not as useful anymore given open-source options like 7-Zip / NanaZip.

  • Removed RVX from ReVanced section as its been discontinued.

  • Removed PDF Drive in PDF Sites as downloads no longer work.

  • Removed TronScript in Debloaters. Some people consider it overkill.

  • Removed Poe in AI Chatbots as its now limited to 10 daily messages (or 100 in some countries.)

  • Removed the "Everything I Know" wiki from Indexes as they've gone paid. You can get around it by blocking the overlay, but we're not interested in sending traffic their way anymore.

  • Unstarred 1337x and added warning to avoid software / games, as they've had issues with malware, including a torrent that was up for days after being reported. They did remove it eventually, and respond to the situation, so we feel it would be unfair to remove their site entirely. Our hope is that 1337x acts quicker in the future, avoids situations like this, and begins to earn trust back from people over time.