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Wiki Updates

Stars Added ⭐

  • Starred both and MP3 Daddy in Audio Ripping. Deezer ripping sites both capable of getting FLAC files.

  • Starred Morphic in Online Chatbots. GPT4o powered search w/ no limits.

  • Starred ROM Heaven in ROM sites. Badass new ROM site with single click DDL and a high quality UI.

  • Starred All Things Linux in Linux Communities. Linux Discord server focused on helping others and learning.

  • Starred Eaglercraft in Minecraft as it's started getting updates again.

  • Starred CompactGUI in File Archivers. Very useful archiver with nice UI.

  • Starred Spicetify in Spotify Adblockers. This has adblock plugins that work just as well as SpotX.

  • Starred UI Revert Script in Reddit Tools. Restores Reddits 2023 UI.

  • Starred Snaptick in Android To-Do Apps. Very feature-rich to-do app.

  • Starred PurpleAdblock in Twitch Adblockers. Got a update recently and seems to be working again.

  • Starred ImageGlass in Image Viewers. Popular lightweight image viewer with a nice UI.

  • Starred in Fun Indexes. OG site with lots of fun games / experiments.

  • Starred Pi-hole in DNS Adblockers as their lists are more updated than NextDNS.

  • Starred ChatGPT in Online Chatbots as they're adding GPT4o to free tier.

Things Removed

  • Removed both moo and media drives as neither work anymore.

  • Removed The Movie Archive as its shutdown.

  • Removed Subscene as they've closed.

  • Removed neofetch as its been archived.

  • Unstarred Bloxstrap as dev doesn't have time currently to keep it updated.

  • Unstarred NextDNS as their filter lists include negligent ones (like energized) which cause a bunch of issues, including getting blocked.