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Monthly Updates [June]

June 2023 updates. • Jun 1

Wiki Updates

  • Added a Chess / Checkers section to Browser Games.

  • Added a Stable Diffusion section to Artificial Intelligence.

  • Added qualities (720p, 1080p, 4k) to Video Download sites.

  • Created a Git Organization and combined all FMHY related projects into it.

  • Updated the Beginners Guide with new links, a FAQ section and more.

  • Imgur is removing everything not tied to an account, so we've gone through and replaced all our images with ImgBB.

  • Added Friend Wiki's to our sidebar.

Stars Added

Things Removed

  • Removed and unstarred RARBG as they have decided to call it quits.

  • Unstarred Mullvad in VPNs as they are removing support for port forwarding.

  • Unstarred Patoghu in Download Sites. They've added persian captchas to their downloads, making the site useless to english users.

  • Unstarred MagicBrush in AI Image Generators. Not quite as good as other free options now.

  • Unstarred Authy in Privacy Tools as its not open-source.

  • Unstarred Awesome ChatGPT as its no longer updated.

  • Bromite doesn't seem to be maintained anymore, so we've replaced the main repo with an autobuild for now.