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Monthly Updates [Feb]

Febuary 2024 updates. • Feb 1

Wiki Updates

  • Our official pastebin, snowbin is now live! Keep in mind pastes only last for 7 days, and as of now you can't make edits, but we may add features like this in the future.

  • Ran a poll regarding streaming sites, and used the results to help us re-order the streaming section.

  • Turned Spotify into its own section w/ subsections: Clients, Adblockers, Download and Tools.

  • Added a section for Soundtracks in Audio.

  • Added sections for Computer Science and Docker in Dev Tools.

  • Added a section for Two-Factor Authentication in Web Privacy.

  • Re-organized Magazine Sites + added filehosts to their descriptions.

  • Removed OnStream from unsafe sites. The "evidence" we had listed wasn't very solid. If someone has more proof we can re-consider, but for now we don't have reason enough to call them unsafe. Keep in mind its not posted in the wiki, just removed from our unsafe list.

  • We recently moved off Netlify, and soon after a scammer took over the domain. If you had this page bookmarked we'd highly recommend you remove it, and update to our new domain. We've tried reporting it to Netlify, but so far they haven't done anything.

  • Grammar issues have been fixed throughout the wiki / 2 / 3. Remember that anyone can send pull requests to our github so don't be afraid to help us fix things like this.

  • Added a mirror of our site to

Stars Added

  • Starred updated guides for both Windows Piracy and Office Piracy.

  • Starred Buzzheavier in File Hosts. No upload limit, files last forever.

  • Starred Linqbin in URL Tools. Privacy focused temp link shortener/pastebin, made by one of our discord mods.

  • Starred Gnarly Repacks in Game Repacks + ROMs. Trusted repacker who's been around for years.

  • Starred PrimeFlix in Streaming Sites. Nice UI, fast 1080p, lots of hosts.

  • Starred LightDLMovies in Video Download. Fast, single click, 1080p downloads.

  • Starred Flugel Anime in Anime DDL. Archive of with fast downloads.

  • Starred Divisions by zero in Fediverse Tools. The best piracy focused instance on Lemmy.

  • Starred CRACKSurl in Software Sites. Clean scans + admins are members of FMHY.

  • Starred PDF Drive in PDF Sites as their downloads are working again.

  • Starred Bypass All Shortlinks in Redirect Bypass. This is a fork of the original script with all tracking elements removed.

Things Removed

  • Removed Tachiyomi as it is no longer being developed. We've replaced it with its successor Mihon, and keep in mind the forks linked there still work.

  • Removed Revanced Extended in YouTube Apps as its been archived.

  • Removed Nitter in Frontends as the lead dev decided to call it quits.

  • Removed Erai-Raws in Anime DDL as they're closing registrations.

  • Removed WorldCinema in Video DDL as they've gone premium only.

  • Removed /r/ApkApps Megathread as its no longer updated.

  • Removed Lunar Client in Minecraft Launchers as its closed-source and their privacy policy is very poor.

  • Unstarred LibreWolf as Mullvad Browser is a similar project with auto updates.

  • Unstarred Zoo in AI Chatbots as its no longer unlimited.

  • Unstarred Phind in AI Chatbots as it no longer offers free GPT-4.