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Monthly Updates [December] 250k members!!

Thank you all for 250K members! ♡ • Dec 1

Wiki Updates

Stars Added

  • Starred Streamflix in Streaming Sites. Nice UI, fast 1080p, ran by members of our community.

  • Starred watch.lonelil in Streaming Sites. Nice UI, fast 4K + 1080p, live tv.

  • Starred Game Bounty in Game Download. Fast hosts, pre-installs, clean uploads, ran by members of our community.

  • Starred AbandonwareGames in Abandonware Games. Nice site with a big library of oldschool games.

  • Starred Heroic Games Launcher in Steam / Epic. Open-source Epic Games launcher.

  • Starred TG Archive in Download Directories. Telegram file archive + search tool.

  • Starred BleachBit in system debloating. Popular system file cleaning tool.

  • Starred YT-DLP-GUI in YouTube Download. Nice GUI for YT-DL with single click installer.

  • Starred EverythingToolbar in System Tweaks. Adds lots of features to Windows toolbar.

  • Starred DeepL in Translators. People feel this gives some of the best results.

  • Starred Magpie in Gaming Optimization. Enable AMD FSR on any game or device.

  • Starred TrollStore in iOS Apps. Permanently install non-appstore iOS apps w/o pc, paid dev account or being jailbroken.

  • Starred SmartTube in Smart TV / Firestick. Ad-free YouTube app. Previously called SmartTubeNext.

Things Removed

  • Removed both AppsTorrent and nMac as they're listed as unsafe by MacSerialJunkie.

  • Removed both LocalCDN and Decentraleyes as they're redundant with with Total Cookie Protection enabled.

  • Removed NovaAI as they've decided to shutdown.

  • Replaced all CurseForge links with Modrinth as people feel CurseForge doesn't cooperate with their user-base well.

  • Unstarred as it can no longer bypass non-javascript based paywalls.

  • Removed FileListing as they've shutdown their servers.

  • Removed GreaseMonkey as it hasn't been updated in 3 years + has a possible history of tracking users.