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Monthly Updates [August]

September 2023 updates. • Aug 1

Wiki Updates

Stars Added

  • Starred Ova Games in Game Download. Big library, fast hosts.

  • Starred SmashyStream in Streaming Sites. Nice UI, fast 1080p.

  • Starred BlackPearlOrigin in Game Launchers. New game launcher and downloader, made by our friends.

  • Starred Androeed and Modyolo in Modded APKs.

  • Starred Skraper in Emulation. Automate ROM Covers / Metadata.

  • Starred ROMhacking in ROM Sites. One of the oldest sites for fan translations.

  • Starred FreeSports in Live Sports. A live sports site that isn't flooded with ads like most are.

  • Starred SoccerCatch in Sports Streaming. Full Match replays.

  • Starred DownloadPirate in VFX Sites. Popular site for video effects and software.

  • Starred SophiApp in debloaters. Gives good explanations for its tweaks making it safer for new users.

  • Starred Actually Good Distros in Linux. Beginner distro guides.

Things Removed

  • Removed Bromite as they've stopped updates, and replaced it with Cromite which will continue to be updated by one of their devs.

  • Removed AI Text Detectors as they're known for being inaccurate.

  • Unstarred SoftArchive in Software as people have become annoyed with their slow hosts.

  • Unstarred LookMovie in Streaming as people don't like the fact 1080p is behind premium.

  • Unstarred QuickBoost in Tweaking as the app doesn't give details as to what each tweak actually does.

  • Unstarred Sockshare in Streaming as their original domain died, and it doesn't have the best UI anyways.

  • Removed AnimeKaizoku from Anime Streaming as they've shutdown.

  • Removed DeepFloyd from Image Generators as its been paused for over a month.

  • Removed Appnee from Software Sites. The MAS team found that they host many unsafe activators. We don't think Appnee is purposefully malicious, they just need to be more careful and clean things up before we can add them again.