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Wiki Updates

Stars Added ⭐

  • Starred Streamed in Live Sports. Fast streams, no ads.

  • Starred Poke in YouTube Frontends. Nice UI, download support, no ads.

  • Starred Motrix in Download Managers. Some people prefer this over Jdownloader / IDM.

  • Starred Openlib in Android Reading. Anna’s Archive app.

  • Starred Stacher in YouTube Downloaders. Modern YT-DL GUI.

  • Starred DeepLX in Translators. Unlimited DeepL.

  • Starred Claude in Online Chatbots. Works better than things like gemini.

  • Starred Soft98 in Software Sites. Big library, single click DDL.

  • Starred JellyPlayer in Jellyfin Tools. Modern Jellyfin client.

  • Starred UniGetUI in Package Managers. Nice user-interface for Winget.

  • Starred Zipline in Screenshot Tools. Self-hosted, feature-rich ShareX server.

  • Starred WSABuilds in Android Emulators. Pre-built WSA binaries that will continue to be updated.

  • Starred SmartImage in Reverse Image Search. Multi-site reverse image search tool.

Things Removed

  • Removed free-mp3-download as they've shutdown.

  • Removed HolyUnblocker as they've shutdown.

  • Removed WSA as support for it has been dropped.

  • Unstarred FlixHQ in Streaming. This used to be good but seems to be a lot slower recently.

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