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Minecraft Server

Minecraft Server • Feb 11

Join at:

  • You will be spawned at the hub.
  • To go to vanilla, head to the end portal.
  • To go to modded, head to the nether portal.
  • Modded requires Minecraft 1.20.1 Forge.
  • Vanilla requires Minecraft 1.20.4.

Mod Downloads

Attached is the mod pack for modded: RAR + Guide or you could use the .mrpack files and add it to Prism or other compatible launchers:



Optional Modpack with QOL mods added

Things to Know

  • If it times out when joining then just try rejoining again.
  • If you get stuck in the lobby, use the command /server modded or/server survival to join.
  • If you can't break blocks or it's glitching, you are probably too close to the spawn and need to go farther.
  • (Modded) To set a skin, use the /skin command.
  • To hide yourself from being shown in Dynmap, run this command /dynmap hide.
  • For modded 6GB+ RAM is required, but 12GB+ is recommended.
  • Simple Voice Chat mod is supported on Modded and (optional) Vanilla servers.

Have fun! ♥