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What is Retro Rewind?

Retro Rewind is a Mario Kart Wii custom track distribution that features every retro track from Super Mario Kart to Mario Kart 7, as well as some from Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart Tour, totaling 152. Retro Rewind can be played online in public rooms with Dolphin Emulator, a Wii or WiiU.

It also features many enhancements such as:

  • Max VR has been increased from 9999 to 30000.
  • Thunderclouds are now Mega Clouds, which give Mega Mushrooms, rather than shrinking.
  • Added (optional) inside drift to all vehicles, meaning more of them are competitive.
  • Outside drift bikes have an extra level of mini turbo, and karts have three levels, similar to MK8DX.
  • Vehicles can brake while drifting, making all tracks playable, and more vehicles viable.
  • Ability to change or randomize vehicle/character combo between races.
  • Significantly faster menu animations and load times between races.
  • Unpopular modes like 100cc and mirror have been removed from online.

PC Setup Guide

  1. Download Mario Kart Wii, or dump your disc.
  2. Download Dolphin and extract it.
  3. Open the controller tab, set the gamecube port to your main controller, and the wiimote to your mouse.
  4. Download WheelWizard, go to settings, set the 3 paths, click save, select home, run the installer.
  5. Go back to settings, select "Launch Mii channel," create a Mii to use for your license, and that's it, you can now launch and play Retro Rewind via WheelWizard!

Wii / WiiU Setup Guide

Note - This method requires a disc.

  1. Install the Homebrew Channel using this guide for Wii or this guide for WiiU.
  2. Download Retro Rewind and drag the files to your SD card.
  3. Plug your SD card into your Wii and launch Homebrew.
  4. You can launch Retro Rewind from here, but follow the steps below get get a Wii system channel / updater.
  5. Launch YAWM Modmii in Homebrew, select your SD card, and install the RetroRewind.wad for the console you're on. Thats it, you now have a Retro Rewind system channel and updater. If the channel updater wont work just download the files manually and replace them in your SD.

Video Guide

Things to Note

  • WheelWizard can be slow, especially if you're installing RR for the first time, so it may be worth doing manually instead to speed up the process.

  • You need to turn on things like inside drift, fast menus, and finishing times in the Retro Rewind settings.

  • Retro Rewind uses a modified version of WiiLink, meaning it does NOT require a NAND to play online with Dolphin.

  • If using your mouse as a wiimote isn't working well, try switching to "above tv" in Wii settings.

  • To use a real gamecube controller on PC you'll need an adapter.

  • Open-Host can be enabled by pressing start or + on the Retro WFC friend menu. This will allow anyone to join your games via friend code, even if you don't have them added yourself.

  • If you don't know anything about Mario Kart Wii, or why it has a cult following 16 years after its release, I'd suggest checking out TWD98. Troy plays a lot, so its a good way to learn about the game and improve.

Official Wiki

Discord Server

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